Final Presentation

I realize I've skipped a few steps since the last update, but now that our ME 191 senior project presentation is over I'll try to post some additional material over the next few weeks. Hopefully it will be of interest to those following our project and a help to other students building ROVs.

To start with, you can download our ME 191 presentation*. The introduction is nearly identical to last semester's presentation, but there's a lot of new material after that. In particular you'll want to watch our three ROV videos and our commercial. I've also uploaded higher quality versions of these videos separate from the presentation. The file sizes are the same for the Quicktime and Windows Media versions because I used the same data rate. (Edit: They are also available on YouTube, but in lower quality since I uploaded them in 2008 before HD was available.)

In summary: The ROV works very well, and it has been a lot of fun. Although the class is almost over, we're not quite done with the project. At the end of next month we're planning to take the ROV to Lake Tahoe for a serious test.

*The presentation was built using Flash, so you'll need to download it, uncompress the files to a folder, and run the executable to launch it. Since I only have a Windows XP computer I'm not sure if this will work on a Mac. I included the SWF file that the executable was built from so you may be able to run that directly.