To-Do List

Last night Jacob and I made a list of things we need to do, and things we still need to buy. Derek couldn't meet last night, so we wanted to email him a copy of the list. I ended up taking a picture of the list and sending that, because unfortunately I don't have a scanner right now. My last printer/copier/scanner broke, so rather than replace it with another multifunction device (and be out all three functions if it breaks) I bought an HP LaserJet for fast and reliable printing (so far, so good) and now I just need a new standalone scanner. However, it seems like everyone is buying the multifunction devices so standalone scanners have actually gone up in price!

Anyway, back to the list, we have lots of little to-do items. We have some things to research, some parts to drill and tap, and various miscellaneous items to buy. A rough estimate indicates that we can complete the ROV for about $850 more. The biggest unknown however, is the fairing. We figured we would put the fairing off until later in the semester -- but now is later in the semester so we need to get working on this.