Engineering Expo

Our Table at the Engineering ExpoOur Table at the Engineering Expo

I'm a week-and-a-half late on posting this entry, but better late than never. The Engineering Expo on Feb 18th was a big success. Lots of people came by and talked to us. Most were very interested in what we're doing. There were a lot of families there, so hopefully we inspired a few kids. We let people move the joystick and watch the thrusters respond, but there was one annoying kid who grabbed the joystick and slammed it back and forth without even looking at the thrusters! Some kids need a good spanking. Fortunately most were well behaved.

There was also one adult worth mentioning. At first he seemed really interested, but then he asked if the ROV would be radio controlled or tethered and after we explained why all ROVs are tethered (radio frequencies don't penetrate water very well) he exclaimed, "What a stupid design!" and walked off.