ME190 Design Presentation

I've uploaded our ME190 (the first of a two semester class) senior project presentation. I was hoping to find a better way to distribute it online, but I haven't had time for that and we have to keep moving forward with the project. You'll have to download the zip file and uncompress it to a folder. Then just double-click on the .exe file and use your spacebar or arrowkeys to browse the presentation. You may need a PC as I haven't tried this on a Macintosh yet.

I'd tried something new for this presentation. Typically presentations are done with Microsoft Powerpoint, but I've found PowerPoint to be very limiting, especially if you want to tightly integrate video or animation into it. Of the presentations I've watched, it seems like half the time the videos won't even play. So, for this presentation, I've put the whole thing together using Macromedia (Adobe) Flash. It's a little bit more work, but now that I've figured it out and got the whole thing set up it's just as easy as Powerpoint to add slides. The big advantage is that I can do things that Powerpoint can't -- like seemlessly transition between scenes and play video that actually works.